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Gala Events are a leading corporate hospitality company based in Birmingham, London and The South West. We provide personal a service and an eye for detail, ensuring the very best available corporate hospitality and events packages in the UK and throughout the sporting & entertainment world.

Why choose Gala Events for corporate hospitality?

Our Corporate Hospitality Packages

Football Hospitality

Football Hospitality

Gala Events host and provide a variety of football hospitality packages throughout the UK, with previous events including Man Utd Hospitality, The Champions League and Birmingham City.

Our football hospitality packages for each event are suited to individual client's budget. This usually varies from an executive box, fine fining lounge, a lounge with a player interview or a close by prestigious restaurant. Our football hospitality packages come with reserved match tickets, champagne reception, a 3-course meal, a souvenir programme of the match to keep, and more. We are more than happy to discuss the range of hospitality we can provide for the event of your choice, and will advise on what is most suitable for you and your budget.

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Rugby Hospitality

Rugby Hospitality

Rugby Hospitality puts you into the thick of the game. Choose from one of our Rugby Hospitality packages for a full experience of an International, Premiership or Heineken Cup game.

Clients who love rugby experience a memorable day out. For those who have never seen a ‘live’ game wonder why they never went before. Our annual rugby hospitality packages include rugby from the Six Nations, with hospitality benefits including official match tickets, drinks reception on arrival, four-course lunch and more. Selected packages, such as our Six Nations Hospitality package, can include VIP access to The Player's Lounge, where upto four England rugby players will join you after the match.

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Cricket Hospitality

Cricket Hospitality

Gala Hospitality host a variety of corporate hospitality packages for cricket, covering all of the known international and domestic cricket games.

Our annual cricket hospitality packages include hospitality for Edgbaston, The Oval and Lords. Our annual packages usually include coffee and breakfast on arrival, complimentary bar, and a private table for eight guests or more. There are a number of options for each cricket ground to suit each client's budget. This varies from a pitch-facing restaurant, a non pitch-facing restaurant, executive box, or a marquee facility within the grounds. We will advise you through these facilities and ensure that they are the most suitable for your company.

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Horse Racing Hospitality

Horse Racing Hospitality

Gala Hospitality offer corporate hospitality packages for all of the prestigious horse racing events. Gala also own the Directors Suite at the Warwick Racecourse.

Our previous horse racing hospitality events include Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, Goodwood, Epsom and the Grand National, amongst others.

Our horse racing hospitality packages are renowned for the extensive luxuries provided for each event, which include corporate admissions badges, a private table for eight or more guests, complimentary bar, a three-course lunch and much more.

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Sporting Dinners Hospitality

Sporting Dinners Hospitality

Gala Events host a collection of celebrity sporting dinners every year, combining a quality evening of entertainment with a luxurious three-course meal.

Gala’s sporting dinners aim to get away from the type of speakers who clients have seen numerous times and instead aim for fresh guests who are still involved in their sport in some way, or who have only just left their game. Previous celebrity sports persons to our sporting dinners include Ron Atkinson, Alex McLeish, Barry Fry, Graham Gooch and Stuart Pearce.

Our sporting dinners are held across a variety of locations throughout the year, including Solihull, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and London.

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How to Make Your Investment in Corporate Hospitality a Resounding Success
Great corporate hospitality is about providing a unique experience.
One in which you can build trust and rapport - the cornerstone of all business success.

But it doesn’t happen by magic. Corporate Hospitality does not provide some miracle cure that guarantees clients will re-new a contract or invest in a new product. For it to deliver great results, you need to avoid the mistakes that most many companies make and define exactly what you want.

Having the ‘idea’ to give clients a good day out is the easy part, after all the benefits are obvious:

But these benefits are, in themselves, not enough. You want a tangible outcome as result of your investment. And you are only going to get that if you apply the rules and approach it with the right mindset. That’s why these tips are so important.

Our Top 10 tips for Corporate Hospitality
  1. Define what you are looking to get out of the event

    What you define will determine which is the most appropriate event and how to manage it. After all, the need to cement a business partnership will require a different approach than a wish to say ‘thank you’.Not all hospitality is linked to a financial outcome, although good corporate hospitality is always guided by a specific set of objectives.

    Some experts say that corporate hospitality is not measurable. We disagree. Defining what you want to get out of it is the benchmark for whether the event is a success. (see Tip 7)

  2. Find out the sort of corporate events your client likes

    What YOU like and enjoy is not as important. We recommend you send clients a short, simple questionnaire asking them to list their top five corporate events. This gives you all you need to tailor the event appropriately. Make sure this is sent with a stamped addressed envelope so that it is easy to return.

    If sending a questionnaire is not possible, develop the habit of subtly asking them what they like to do in their spare time. If someone is passionate about a particular club, sport or pastime they just love to talk about it.

  3. Always remember that your clients are motivated by self-interest

    This is a perfectly natural emotion. Your invitation should be good for their ego, and something they are keen to tell colleagues and friends about. You want your invitation to be an event in the diary they are actively looking forward to, not something they feel duty-bound to attend. The clearer you are about what THEY are going to get out of it, the better.

  4. Avoid doing the same old thing, year after year

    Just because your last event was a success don’t fall into the temptation of repeating it. It’s an obvious thing to do but based on your understanding of the things your client likes (see Tip 2), try to ring the changes. Ideally, you want each event to be different and unique. Even if you have a client who looks forward to the same annual outing, try to give it a new twist each time.

  5. Make sure your guests have something to remember the event by

    Even grown-ups like ‘goodie-bags’. Mental memories are powerful and important but they tend to fade. Some form of physical gift is an excellent way of cementing their connection with the event. But tread carefully; you don’t want it to appear that you are lavishing gifts for the sake of it. Aim to find a gift that you know will be used and appreciated.

    A quality photograph of the event is a great memento; especially if your guest has had their picture taken alongside a celebrity. Forward the photo a week later and you have a perfect excuse to get back in touch with your client.

  6. Focus your spend per head on fewer clients

    In our experience, you will get a better return on investment when you focus on giving only a few clients an exceptional time rather than lots. Your top clients probably account for a high percentage of your revenue so it make good business sense concentrate on them.

    This approach helps to make your top clients feel more valued as they know they belong to the ‘special’ group. Those who miss out may even aspire to become better clients when they learn what amazing hospitality you provide.

  7. Ask for feedback within 7 Days

    Very few companies do this. Those that do are committed to making corporate hospitality work in their favour.

    This is a good thing to do while memories of the event are still fresh in the mind. The trick is to send a short, simple questionnaire that looks quick and easy to complete. If clients have genuinely had a good time, they will have no problem in answering it. For best results, send it to them with a memento of the day, such as a photo. This tip is an essential part of measuring the effectiveness of your investment.

  8. Don’t make your hospitality too male-orientated

    Show your sensitivity to women in the work place by providing hospitality that everyone is likely to enjoy. If you have followed Tip 1, you will know what else to consider other than rugby or football. Gala hospitality packages that have proved a great success with the ladies include a Luxury Cowes Yacht Day, Horse Racing Hospitality and a Milan Shopping Weekend.

  9. Always avoid cheap packages that offer ‘special discount due to cancellation’

    Tempting, we know. The truth is that professional, memorable corporate hospitality is not cheap. Nor should it be. And always remember that a poor experience is more damaging than not having one at all. If there is a discount due to a cancellation it should raise alarm bells not a quest for a golden opportunity.

  10. Always work with a corporate hospitality company with a proven track record

    You would expect us to say this, we know! But as this list of tips proves, experience counts. As one of the UK’s leading providers of Corporate Hospitality, Gala Events prides itself on our exceptional service and our friendly, enthusiastic approach. Find out why when you call us on 0844 811 6800.

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